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Discover the best ways to handle security problems related to locks and keys! Find out how to discourage burglars and how to protect your car. Every single advice is valuable when it comes to security. The following tips contain the ideas you are looking for and they can help you daily

Careful handling of safes

Safes look sturdy but they can malfunction too if not handled properly. Too keep your safe in good condition avoid these 3 common causes of safe malfunction. First, do not spin the safe’s dial too fast. Second, never try to open it before it is unlocked and lastly, if your safe won’t lock easily never forcefully close it.

Keeping your bronze lock shiny

To keep the bronze finish of your lock looking shiny and new our technicians recommend applying light machine oil occasionally to your hardware to deepen its color and enhance its sheen. Leave the oil on the metal parts for a few minutes before wiping off the excess oil using a smooth, clean cloth. Never attempt to use abrasives or harsh chemicals on your lock.

Protect your locks from Dust and lint

You should definitely protect the locks when renovating your house or doing any type of repair work. Remember to cover the strike plate too as it is more likely to collect dust and debris compared to the other lockset components. Lint protection is even easier. You just need to avoid keeping your keys in pockets where lint is collected. This is important since the thin fibers tend to stick to the metal.

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